Respiratory Diseases of the Horse: A Problem-Oriented Approach to Diagnosis and Management


Respiratory Diseases of the Horse: A Problem-Oriented Approach to Diagnosis and Management

Respiratory Diseases Of The Horse: A Problem-Oriented Approach To Diagnosis And Management

By Laurent Couetil and Jan F Hawkins

Respiratory Diseases of the Horse: A Problem-Oriented Approach to Diagnosis and Management PDF provide a problem-oriented approach to the assessment and management of respiratory illness in horses. The book deals first with the anatomy, function and clinical examination of the respiratory system, followed by discussion of diagnostic tests and procedures.

The clinical section is focused around the cardinal presenting manifestations of equine respiratory disease: coughing, nasal discharge, increased breathing efforts, respiratory noise, plus a chapter on congenital abnormalities. The text is presented systematically covering definition, etiology, pathophysiology, clinical presentation, differential diagnoses, diagnosis, management and treatment.

The book is illustrated throughout with excellent quality color photos, diagrams and algorithms. It is of lasting value to equine specialists in practice and in training, and will be a useful reference for non-specialist practitioners.

Table of Contents

Anatomy of the equine respiratory tract
Extrathoracic airways
Overview; nares and rostral nasal passages; nasal septum; conchae and paranasal sinuses; guttural pouches; nasopharynx; hard and soft palate; epiglottis; larynx; cervical trachea
Intrathoracic airways and the lungs
Tracheobronchial tree; pulmonary circulation; bronchial circulation

Pulmonary function
Respiratory muscles; lung volumes and ventilation; regional differences in ventilation
Respiratory gases; laws of diffusion; diffusion limitation; transport of gases in blood
Ventilation–perfusion relationship
Mechanics of breathing
Airflow resistance; lung elasticity; pulmonary inertance

Clinical examination
General inspection
Signalment; history; breathing pattern; nasal discharge
Physical examination
Extrathoracic airways: nose to extrathoracic trachea; intrathoracic airways and chest wall: intrathoracic trachea to alveoli

Diagnostic tests and therapeutic procedures
Dynamic endoscopy
Diagnostic imaging
Radiography; computed tomography; nuclear imaging; ultrasonography
Sampling of respiratory secretions
Tracheal wash; bronchoalveolar lavage; airway brushing
Airway and lung biopsy
Endobronchial biopsy; percutaneous lung biopsy; thoracoscopic lung biopsy
Sinus trephination
Lung function tests
Arterial blood gases; lung mechanics
Allergy tests
Aerosol therapy
Principles of aerosol therapy; aerosol delivery devices; aerolization of anti­microbials

The coughing horse
Definition; characteristics; pathophysiology
Acute cough
Viral respiratory infections; pneumonia
Chronic cough
Heaves (recurrent airway obstruction); inflammatory airway disease; parasitic pneumonitis

The horse with nasal discharge
Seromucoid nasal discharge
Rhinitis; viral infections
Mucopurulent nasal discharge
Sinus diseases; guttural pouch empyema; strangles
Exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage; ethmoid hematoma; guttural pouch mycosis; miscellaneous causes of epistaxis
Cleft palate; dorsal displacement of the soft palate

The horse with increased respiratory effort
Pleuropneumonia/pneumonia; heaves (recurrent airway obstruction); interstitial lung diseases; proximal airway obstruction

Abnormal respiratory sounds
Nasal diseases: atheroma; alar fold obstruction; nasal septum obstruction; nasal polyps. Pharyngeal and laryngeal diseases: dorsal displacement of the soft palate; epiglottic entrapment; epiglottic retroversion; axial deviation of the aryepiglottic folds; epiglottitis; rostral displacement of the palatopharyngeal arch; laryngeal hemiplegia; arytenoid chondritis.
Tracheal diseases: collapsing trachea; tracheal trauma; tracheal neoplasia
Abnormal lung sounds

Congenital abnormalities
Wry nose; choanal atresia; palatoschisis (cleft palate); cysts; branchial arch defects; guttural pouch tympany
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