Rehabilitating the Athletic Horse

Rehabilitating The Athletic Horse

By Henry Jann and Bud Fackelman

Rehabilitating the Athletic Horse PDF is a book about the restitution of soundness in horses which have been trained under seemingly ideal conditions, and nonetheless suffered injury. Most of the books authors have had direct experience in performing medical and surgical interventions designed to correct athletic injuries. Most of the authors have also been directly involved in the conditioning techniques designed to not only render their own charges ready for competition, but also ready to win. The book suggests how things can go wrong even with mans best-laid plans. The text then describes the path back from athletic injuries based upon that which is known about equine anatomy and physiology, and draws upon experience in human rehabilitation where applicable.

Table of Contents
Overall philosophy of total rehabilitation

Exercise physiology, poor performance, overtraining

Regional therapy

Stem cell therapy. Shock wave therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Equine intra-articular injection

Extra-articular therapies used in management of lameness

Controlled exercise strategies

Psychological aspects of rehabilitation

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