Pathology of Genetically Engineered and Other Mutant Mice

Pathology Of Genetically Engineered And Other Mutant Mice Pdf

By John P. Sundberg , Peter Vogel , Jerrold M. Ward

Pathology of Genetically Engineered and Other Mutant Mice PDF delivers a comprehensive resource for pathologists and biomedical scientists tasked with identifying and understanding pathologic changes in genetically modified mice. The book is organized by body system, includes descriptions and explanations of a wide range of findings, as well as hundreds of color photographs illustrating both common and rare lesions that may be found in genetically engineered and wild type mice.

The book is written by experienced veterinary and medical pathologists working in veterinary medical colleges, medical colleges, and research institutes. Covering the latest discoveries in mouse pathology resulting from advancements in biotechnology research over the last 30 years, this singular and accessible resource is a must-read for veterinary and medical pathologists and researchers working with genetically engineered and other mice.

Readers will also benefit from:

  • A thorough introduction to mouse pathology and mouse genetic nomenclature, as well as databases useful for analysis of mutant mice
  • An exploration of concepts related to validating animal models, including the Cinderella Effect
  • Practical discussions of basic necropsy methods and grading lesions for computational analyses
  • Concise diagnostic approaches to the respiratory tract, the oral cavity and GI tract, the cardiovascular system, the liver and pancreas, the skeletal system, and other tissues

As a one-stop and up to date reference on mouse pathology, Pathology of Genetically Engineered and Other Mutant Mice is an essential book for veterinary and medical pathologists, as well as for scientists, researchers, and toxicologists whose work brings them into contact with genetically modified mice.

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction to mouse pathology
  2. The mouse online : open mouse biology and pathology data resources for biomedical research
  3. Mouse genetic nomenclature; the underpinning of mouse genetics
  4. Discovering and validating mouse models of human diseases : the Cinderella effect
  5. Embryos, placentas, and neonates
  6. Ciliopathies
  7. Hematopoietic and lymphoid tissues
  8. Hematolymphoid neoplasms
  9. Immunodeficient and humanized mice
  10. Skin, hair, and nails
  11. Mammary gland
  12. Respiratory system
  13. Gastrointestinal tract
  14. Cardiovascular system
  15. Liver and pancreas
  16. Neuromuscular system
  17. Endocrine system
  18. Kidney and urinary bladder
  19. Female reproductive tract
  20. Male reproductive tract
  21. Nervous system
  22. Eye and ear
  23. Bones and teeth

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