Nutritional Modelling for Pigs and Poultry

Nutritional Modelling For Pigs And Poultry Pdf

By N. K. Sakomura, R. Gous, I. Kyriazakis and L. Hauschild

Nutritional Modelling for Pigs and Poultry PDF. Modelling is a useful tool for decision making in complex agro-industrial scenarios.  Containing a selection of the papers presented at the International Symposium of Modelling in Pig and Poultry Production 2013, this book brings together the best and most recent academic work on modelling in the pig and poultry industry, with a particular emphasis on nutrition. It reviews basic modelling concepts, descriptions and applications of production models and new methods and approaches in modelling.

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Table of Contents

a: Preface

1: An overview of poultry models

2: InraPorc: where do we come from and where do we want to go?

3: Modelling reproduction in broiler breeder and laying hens

4: Modeling nutrient utilization in sows, a way towards the optimization of nutritional supplies

5: Statistical issues in nutritional modeling

6: Basics and applications of an exponential N-utilization model (‘Goettingen approach’) for assessing amino acid requirements in growing pigs and meat type chickens based on dietary amino acid efficiency

7: Artificial neural networks

8: Challenges associated with the application of poultry models: the case of turkeys

9: INAVI: a practical tool to study the influence of nutritional and environmental factors on broiler performances

10: Model applications in poultry production and nutrition

11: Commercial application of integrated models to improve performance and profitability in finishing pigs

12: Estimating real-time individual amino acid requirements in growing-finishing pigs: towards a new definition of nutrient requirements in growing-finishing pigs?

13: A model to optimise broiler productivity

b: Preface 2

14: AvinespModel: Predicting poultry growth, energy and amino acid requirements

15: Maintenance requirements for amino acids in poultry

16: A model to estimate the amino acid requirements for growth and sexual development in laying pullets

17: Responses of broilers to amino acid intake

18: Description of the growth of body components of broilers and laying pullets

19: Response of laying hens to amino acid intake

20: Amino acid requirements for pullets based on potential protein deposition and the efficiency of amino acid utilization

21: A comparison of two approaches for determining the optimum dietary amino acid ratios of fast-growing broilers”

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