Neglected Diseases in Monkeys, From the Monkey-Human Interface to One Health

Neglected Diseases in Monkeys, From the Monkey-Human Interface to One Health PDF

By Sascha Knauf and Lisa Jones-Engel

Neglected Diseases in Monkeys, From the Monkey-Human Interface to One Health PDF book offers a valuable resource, reviewing the current state of knowledge concerning the pathology and epidemiology of infectious diseases in both captive and wild monkeys. The One Health concept forms the framework of all chapters. The multidisciplinary team of authors addresses neglected diseases caused by the three major pathogen groups – bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Moreover, the volume discusses key virulence factors such as the evolution of antibiotic resistance, and the ecological drivers of and human influence on pathogen transmission.

Demonstrating how researchers working on monkeys diseases are increasingly thinking outside the box, this volume is an essential reference guide to the field of One Health and will serve as an asset for stakeholders in conservation, healthcare and research organizations that face the challenge of moving beyond classical human oriented approaches to health.

  • Presents a multidisciplinary and comprehensive perspective on a variety of neglected diseases in monkeys
  • Covers bacterial, viral and parasitic diseases relevant to primate health
  • Discusses the latest research results in the context of One Health
  • Highlights team-oriented research

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Table of Contents

1 An Introduction to One Health and Neglected Diseases in Monkeys

2 Ethnoprimatology: Assessing How the Interface Between Humans and Monkeys Influences Infectious Agent Transmission

3 Monkey Health Is a Team Sport

4 Mycobacterial Infections in Monkeys

5 Pathogenic Spirochetes in Monkeys: Stealthy Pathogens of Global Importance

6 Chlamydia Infections in Nonhuman Primates

7 Antimicrobial Stewardship in Captive Monkeys

8 Low Incidence, High Lethality or Higher Incidence, Lower Lethality: What We Know and Don’t Know About Zoonotic Macacine alphaherpesvirus 1 (Monkey B Virus)

9 Morbillivirus Infections in Non-human Primates: From Humans to Monkeys and Back Again

10 Simian Foamy Viruses: Infections in Human and Nonhuman Primate Hosts

11 Rabies in Nonhuman Primates and Potential Risks for Humans

12 Reston Ebolavirus in Macaques

13 Global Diversity and Distribution of Soil-Transmitted Helminths in Monkeys

14 Larval Tapeworm Infections in Primates: Coenurosis, Cysticercosis, and Echinococcosis

15 Trypanosomiasis and Filariasis

16 Forming, Storming and Norming Your Way Into One Health: The Gombe Case Study


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