Manual on Avian Production and Management PDF


Manual on Avian Production and Management

Manual On Avian Production And Management Pdf

By Nilotpal Ghosh and Rajarshi Samanta

Manual on Avian Production and Management PDF Book.

  • This manual has been prepared strictly on the basis of syllabus framed by Veterinary Council of India, the apex body for veterinary education in India. Such type of VCI syllabus oriented book is rarely available in India.
  • The matters are presented in such a way that this manual can be used as a practical notebook.
  • Large number of objective questions given at the end of each activity unit (practical lesson) is an additional attraction of the book, as the students can prepare themselves for the short tests as well as external examination under VCI pattern. Who will be benefited?
  • This manual is primarily meant for the undergraduate veterinary students (B.V. Sc. & A.H.) all over India.
  • This book will also help the concerned teachers/ demonstrators of all veterinary colleges of India for offering this course.

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Table of Contents

1- Holding and control of poultry, and study of external body parts

2- Study of species, breeds and varieties of poultry

3- Judging and culling of poultry

4- Study of the digestive system of poultry (chicken)

5- Study of the reproductive system of poultry (chicken)

6- Study of structure of egg

7- Evaluation of quality of eggs

8- Grading of eggs

9- Preservation of eggs

10- Study of different housing systems of poultry

11- Study of various types of equipment of poultry farm and hatchery

12- Management of incubator for hatching of eggs

13- Sexing of birds

14- Brooding of poultry

15- Feeds and feeding of poultry

16- Poultry health management

17- Special care of broilers and layers during  summer and winter

18- Methods of slaughter and dressing of 110 poultry

19- Essential poultry farm records

20- Economic indices of poultry farm management

21-Evaluation of techno-economic feasibility for starting a poultry farm

22- Preparation of project reports of different categories of poultryfarm

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