BSAVA Manual of Canine Practice: A Foundation Manual

By Tim Hutchinson and Ken Robinson

Authored by veterinarians with many years’ experience in general practice, BSAVA Manual of Canine Practice: A Foundation Manual PDF provides the first port of call for the busy small animal practitioner faced with uncertainty over a new case.

The development over the last 20 years of a range of formal specialist veterinary qualifications has produced a significant surge in the range and depth of knowledge in canine practice. Concise answers to common questions that occur in consulting rooms are becoming harder to find; this book swings the balance back to the practitioner. As well as traditional systems-based medicine, this Manual also provides information on the arts of practice such as consultation technique and dealing with common but testing situations. In the clinical presentations section of the book, first line approaches are given in a problem-oriented setting with a significant focus on the nose-to-tail physical examination, a detailed clinical history and common, readily available, diagnostic tests.

Table of Contents

The dog-friendly practice

Consultation technique

Preventive healthcare: a life-stage approach


Reproductive management

Considerations for surgical cases


Dealing with emergency cases in practice

Acute collapse

The trauma patient: assessment, emergency management and wound care

Seizures, ataxia and other neurological presentations

Behaviour problems: a brief guide

Regurgitation, vomiting and diarrhoea

Abnormalities of eating and drinking


Paralysis and spinal pain

Lethargy and weakness in endocrine disease

Pyrexia and hyperthermia

Epistaxis, sneezing and nasal disharge

Oral and dental problems

Ocular problems

Ear problems and head tilt

Abnormalities of the throat and neck

Cardiorespiratory problems

Abdominal pain and swelling

Urination problems; genital discharge

General approach to the dog with skin problems

Lumps and bumps

Conditions of the paw

Conditions of the anus, perineum and tail

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