Livestock Ration Formulation for Dairy Cattle and Buffalo

Livestock Ration Formulation For Dairy Cattle And Buffalo Pdf Download

By Ravinder Singh Kuntal, Radha Gupta, D. Rajendran and Vishal Patil

Livestock Ration Formulation for Dairy Cattle and Buffalo PDF provides an interdisciplinary, integrative perspective and optimization on dairy cattle feed formulation problem solving. It helps dairy farmers by introducing them the right frequency and right amount of balanced diet to be fed to cattle’s and buffaloes at different body condition so that their feeding cost should be decreased and there should be increase in income for dairy farmers, as they don’t have enough knowledge of feeding practice. It helps animal nutritionist to work for dairy farmers which have very limited feed resources to fulfil nutrients requirement in terms of crude protein (CP), total digestible nutrient (TDN), calcium (Ca) and phosphorus (P) by developing a software programme to plan a balanced low budget diet.

It includes the Linear and Goal programming model for non-pregnant dairy buffalo is been solved using Hybrid Real Coded Genetic Algorithm and the results are compared with Real Coded Genetic Algorithm (RGA) considering different versions like RGA without crossover, RGA without Mutation, RGA with crossover and mutation. These models can also be applied with other nutritional models like CNCPS, INRA.

Livestock Ration Formulation for Dairy Cattle and Buffalo is a step forward in that direction to provide least cost diet formulation based on nutrient requirement of the cattle and buffalo, which is been calculated according to Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR, 2013) and NRC (2001) on dry matter basis, provides a clear and precise platform for other researcher in Animal Nutrition field which also give initial platform to build a software and android application to formulate least cost ration Based on data and algorithm used in this book, which helps Dairy farmers directly to feed balanced diet at cheap rate.

  • It is a good reference to local dairy farmers by introducing them to the right frequency and right amount of balanced diet to be fed to cattle and buffaloes at different production cycles.
  • It will provide basic platform and some solutions to built-up software about cattle nutrition development and least cost formulation for end-user.
  • It has several techniques for optimizing animal diet formulation but a good balance between coding/programming and animal nutrition is incorporated towards application of soft computing technique to improve the quality of the solution due to rigidity of the constraints.
Table of Contents
  1. Introduction to Animal Nutrition
  2. Review of Literature
  3. Tools and Techniques
  4. Binary-Coded Genetic Algorithm to Solve Ration Formulation Problem
  5. Least Cost Feed Formulation for Dairy Cattle During Pregnancy by Using Real Coded Genetic Algorithm: An Application
  6. Study of Real Coded Hybrid Genetic Algorithm to Find Least Cost Ration for Non-Pregnant Dairy Buffaloes




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