Horse Stable and Riding Arena Design

Horse Stable and Riding Arena Design pdf

By Eileen Fabian Wheeler

Horse Stable and Riding Arena Design PDF. With the aid of a large number of unique high quality images, this book describes the important diseases of cattle encountered by veterinarians in general and farm animal practice. The book covers diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and control. Wherever possible sequential images are used to take the reader through all stages of the disease process highlighting clinical features important in the diagnosis.

The chapters are arranged by body system and where appropriate there is a suggested approach to clinical examination. The authors combine their experience of bovine medicine and surgery from working in general practice, and in teaching and research at a university referral hospital. Horse Stable and Riding Arena Design is intended as a reference for veterinary educators and practitioners in farm animal medicine, and as a textbook for veterinary students in their clinical years.

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Table of Contents




1 Horse Behavior Influence on Design

2 Horse Stable Layout and Planning

3 Construction Style and Materials

4 Horse Farm Site Planning

5 Stall Design

6 Ventilation

7 Flooring Materials and Drainage

8 Manure Management

9 Fire Safety

10 Utilities

11 Lighting

12 Heating

13 Auxiliary Facilities

14 Fence Planning

15 Fence Materials

16 Indoor Riding Arena Design and Construction

17 Riding Arena Surface Materials

18 Outdoor Riding Arena Design and Construction

Appendix Psychrometrics

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