Foundations of Clinical Research Applications To Practice 4th Edition

Foundations of Clinical Research Applications To Practice 4th Edition PDF, foundations of clinical research 4th edition pdf

By Leslie G. Portney

Foundations of Clinical Research Applications To Practice 4th Edition PDF. Become a successful evidence-based practitioner. How do you evaluate the evidence? Is the information accurate, relevant and meaningful for clinical decision making? Did the design fit the research questions and was the analysis and interpretation of data appropriate? Here are all the materials you need to take your first steps as evidence-based practitioners…how to use the design, data and analysis of research as the foundation for effective clinical decision making. You’ll find support every step of the way as you progress from the foundations of clinical research and concepts of measurement through the processes of designing studies and analyzing data to writing their own research proposal.

Table of Contents

Frameworks for generating and applying evidence

On the road to translational research

Defining the research question

The role of theory in research and practice

Understanding evidence-based practice

Searching the literature

Ethical issues in clinical research

Principles of measurement

Concepts of measurement reliability

Concepts of measurement validity

Designing surveys and questionnaires

Understanding health measurement scales

Choosing a sample

Principles of clinical trials

Choosing a sample

Principles of clinical trials

Design validity

Experimental designs

Quasi-experimental designs

Single-subject designs

Exploratory research: observational designs

Descriptive research

Qualitative research

Descriptive statistics

Foundations of statistical inference

Comparing two means: the t-test

Comparing more than two means: analysis of variance

Multiple comparison tests

Nonparametric tests for group comparisons

Measuring association for categorical variables: chi-square



Multivariate analysis

Measurement revisited: reliability and validity statistics

Diagnostic and screening procedures

Epidemiology: measuring risk

Writing a research proposal

Critical appraisal: evaluating research reports

Synthesizing evidence: systematic reviews and meta-analyses

Disseminating research.

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