Financial Management of the Veterinary Practice

Financial Management Of The Veterinary Practice

By Justin Chamblee and Max Reiboldt

Financial Management of the Veterinary Practice Book PDF. Are you new to the practice management side of veterinary medicine, or have you recently been challenged to take your practice to the next level financially? Are you looking to maximize the value of your practice so you can sell it in the near future? We know practice finances aren’t the most enjoyable part of your day, but the reality is they are one of the most important aspects of it. Easy to understand and full of examples, Financial Management of the Veterinary Practice is an all-in-one resource that provides foundational information to veterinary professionals. Learn how to establish sound operational processes, make informed decisions, and obtain financial stability with features like:

  • Financial statement explanations and examples
  • Key indicators to watch
  • Measures of productivity
  • Ratios and benchmarking tools
  • Cash management and internal control tools
  • Budgeting and financial planning resources
  • Supplemental financial reports
  • Tables and charts to illustrate the learning concepts
  • A glossary of terms
Table of Contents
Reporting standards of the practice
The revenue cycle
Controlling expenses
Assessing the effect of financial performance
Ratios and benchmarking
Cash management and associated internal controls
Budgeting and pro formas and other financial planning processes
Supplemental financial reports

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