Feline Clinical Parasitology

Feline Clinical Parasitology PDF Book

By Dwight D. Bowman, Charles M. Hendrix, David S. Lindsay and Stephen C. Barr

Feline Clinical Parasitology PDF Book. Although there are books available dealing with canine parasitology, there is at present no book detailing parasites that offers clinical information specific to felines. Cats differ significantly from dogs in their parasitic infections and infestations. Although dogs and cats do share a few parasites, the vast majority of the parasites of these pets are specific to either cats or dogs, not to both.

This must-have reference offers an in-depth examination of feline parasites. Topics covered include parasite identification, history, geographic distribution, pathogeneisis, epidemiology, zoonosis, diagnosis, treatment, control, and prevention. Because of the immense worldwide popularity of cats and due to the amount of travel undertaken by cats and their owners, the authors have produced a book that is international in scope. Consequently, this exhaustive reference has strong appeal to practitioners and veterinary parasitologists in North America and around the world.

Table of Contents
The protozoa
The trematodes
The nematodes

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