Essential Reproduction 7th Edition


Essential Reproduction 7th Edition PDF

Essential Reproduction 7Th Edition Pdf

By Martin H. Johnson

Essential Reproduction 7th Edition PDF is Providing essential reading for medical, veterinary and biological science students, and students of physiology and trainees in obstetrics and gynaecology, the seventh edition of Essential Reproduction offers an up-to-date account of the fundamentals of reproduction within the context of cutting-edge knowledge and examples of its application. It provides a multidisciplinary approach integrating physiology, genetics, behaviour, anatomy and clinical science, to give thorough coverage of the study of mammalian reproduction.

Essential Reproduction 7th Edition PDF includes:

  • The latest on conceptual, informational and applied aspects of reproduction
  • A new structure offering a more logical approach to study and revision
  • Expanded further reading suggestions to support research
  • A companion website at essentialreproduction .com features all of the images from the book to download – perfect for instructor and student support.
  • A fully-revised and updated edition of the best-selling introduction to the study of reproduction
  • Provides an introduction to the fundamentals of reproduction, with the latest on conceptual, informational and applied aspects of reproduction
  • Offers a more logical approach to the study of reproduction
Table of Contents


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PART 1: Introduction 1

1 What is reproduction?

PART 2: Making men and women 

2 Sex

3 Sexual maturation

4 Gender

5 Sexual selection

PART 3: Preparing for pregnancy 

6 Making sperm

7 Men

8 Making eggs

9 Women

PART 4: Making an embryo 

10 Sperm and eggs

11 Fertilization

12 Initiating pregnancy

PART 5: Maintaining a pregnancy 

13 Supporting the embryo and fetus

14 Growing the fetus

15 Fetal challenges

PART 6: A new individual 

16 Preparing for birth

17 Giving birth

18 Lactation

19 Postnatal care

PART 7: Manipulating reproduction 

20 Regulating fertility

21 Restoring fertility

22 Society and reproduction


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