Feline Reproduction – Aime Johnson


Feline Reproduction

Feline Reproduction - Aime Johnson

By Aime Johnson and Michelle Kutzler

Feline Reproduction Book PDF. Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world and cat owners want advanced veterinary care. There is a growing interest in purebred cats which requires the highest quality reproductive care from the general veterinary practitioners. In Feline Reproduction, all aspects of reproduction in the queen and the tom are presented by a global author team. Beginning with basic anatomy and normal reproduction, this book reviews practical knowledge about feline pregnancy, neonatal care, breeding soundness exams, and semen cryopreservation. This book also provides the most current and comprehensive information about abnormal conditions affecting feline reproduction, such as infertility, spontaneous abortion and contraception. Covering both pets and nondomestic species, this feline reproduction book will prove to be essential for the general veterinary practitioner, veterinary student, animal scientist, and experienced cat breeder.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgment vii
List of Contributors ix

1 Reproductive Anatomy and Puberty in the Queen

2 Feline Estrous Cycle

3 Manipulation of the Estrous Cycle

4 Breeding and Cattery Management

5 Causes of Infertility in the Queen

6 Pregnancy Diagnosis and Management

7 Causes of Abortion

8 Periparturient Disease in the Queen

9 Management of Parturition

10 Neonatal Resuscitation and Care

11 Neonatal Diseases

12 Termination of Pregnancy
Sandra Goericke-Pesch

13 Disorders of the Ovary

14 Disorders of the Uterus

15 Disorders of the Caudal Reproductive Tract

16 Disorders of the Mammary Glands

17 Reproductive Anatomy and Puberty in the Tom

18 Semen Collection and Evaluation

19 Causes of Infertility in the Tom

20 Disorders of the Testicles and Scrotum

21 Disorders of the Accessory Sex Glands

22 Disorders of the Prepuce and Penis

23 Semen Cryopreservation Daniele

24 Use of Epididymal Sperm for Preservation of Genetics and Artifcial Insemination

25 Clinical Approach to Infertility

26 Options for Contraception in Female and Male Felids

27 Assisted Reproduction Techniques in the Domestic Cat

28 Application of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) in Non-Domestic Felids


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