Equine Reproductive Ultrasonography DVD


Equine Reproductive Ultrasonography DVD

Equine Reproductive Ultrasonography Dvd

By The Breeder’s Assistant

The Breeders Assistant is proud to provide this comprehensive instructional DVD.

This 2 hour DVD provides mare owners the practical & technical skills necessary to safely ultrasound their own mares.

It includes over 45 minutes of actual ultrasound scans and labeled ultrasound images to assist you with identification & interpretation of the images you are viewing on the ultrasound screen.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Scanning Procedures Demonstration

3. Scanning Ovaries and the Non-Pregnant Uterus

4. Scanning Embryos and Twin Embryos

5. Ultrasounding Ovaries, Actual Scans

6. Ultrasounding Uterus, Actual Scans

7. Ultrasounding Embryos, Actual Scans

8. Rectal Tears

9. Selecting an Ultrasound Machine

10. Equipment and Supplies

11. Tranquilizers

12. Ultrasound Records

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