Equine Injury, Therapy and Rehabilitation, 3rd Edition

Equine Injury, Therapy and Rehabilitation, 3rd Edition PDF

By Mary Bromiley

Equine Injury, Therapy and Rehabilitation, 3rd Edition PDF. Mary Bromiley’s book remains essential reading for both professionals and the general riding community. This new edition builds on the huge success of the previous editions, first published in 1987. Fully updated to reflect recent technological advances in diagnostic ability, as well as the proven physiological effects of light, magnetic fields and electrical currents on body tissues. This information allows readers to both understand and make an informed choice of appropriate therapy following a diagnosed injury.

  • The original edition was the first book on the subject and it has continued to be a bestseller.
  • Covers a subject that is of worldwide interest.
  • The author is recognised as a pioneer at the forefront of this type of treatment.
Table of Contents



The musculoskeletal system explained.

Injury – Effects, repair and causes.

Problem assessment.

Common sites of injury in the horse conditions.



The back – Horse and human.

Common rider injuries.





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