Equine Bandaging, Splinting and Casting Techniques

Equine Bandaging, Splinting And Casting Techniques

By J. Dylan Lutter, Haileigh K. Avellar and Jen M. Panzer

The application of bandages, splints, and casts is an essential part of equine surgical and veterinary care. Traditionally, however, there have been few available resources wholly dedicated to application techniques. The result is that equine veterinary practitioners learn to bandage, splint, and cast on the job, with highly variable results; some practitioners are unwilling even to attempt a cast, spurning this valuable healing tool entirely rather than attempt it from an uncertain base of knowledge.

Equine Bandaging, Splinting, and Casting Techniques offers the first comprehensive reference to this specific set of techniques and their applications in equine veterinary medicine. It promises to cultivate a rigorous, clinically tested, consistent standard of care that will improve patient outcomes and long-term owner costs. It is a must-own for any veterinary practitioner who works with equine patients.

Equine Bandaging, Splinting, and Casting Techniques readers will also find:

  • Step-by-step organization guides reader smoothly through each process
  • Practical tips and advice for improving quality and appearance of bandages and casts
  • Over 270 color images, including clinical examples and radiographs, supplementing every listed technique

Equine Bandaging, Splinting, and Casting Techniques is ideal for all veterinary practitioners, technicians, and students interested in equine care.

Table of Contents
  1. Equine Bandages
    • Materials and Concepts
    • Distal Limb Bandages
    • Full Limb Bandages
    • Carpal Bandages
    • Tarsal Bandages
    • Head and Neck Bandages
    • Upper Limb and Body Bandages
  2. Equine Limb Splints
    • Materials and Concepts
    • Distal Limb Splinting
    • Full Limb Splinting
  3. Equine Casts
    • Materials and Concepts
    • Hoof and Phalangeal Casts
    • Bandage Casts
    • Half Limb Casts
    • Full Limb Casts


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