Encyclopedia of Animal Rights and Animal Welfare, 2nd Edition


Encyclopedia of Animal Rights and Animal Welfare, 2nd Edition

Encyclopedia Of Animal Rights And Animal Welfare Pdf

By Marc Bekoff

Encyclopedia of Animal Rights and Animal Welfare, 2nd Edition PDF remains the only reference to cover the entire scope of animal rights and welfare from a global interdisciplinary perspective, with an international team of contributors assembled by Marc Bekoff covering animal treatment issues in the United States, China, India, Kenya, Australia, and many other nations.

With a focused emphasis on fairness and justice for animals evident on every page, Encyclopedia of Animal Rights and Animal Welfare: Second Edition offers clear explanations of hot-button topics like puppy mills, endangered species in zoos, no-kill shelters, dog fighting, factory farming and disease, veganism, conservation ethics, wildlife contraception, and more. The encyclopedia also explores a range of religious, ethical, and philosophical views on using animals, as well as the latest research on animal cognition and sentience. The work helps readers understand the different viewpoints of animal welfare advocates who want to improve conditions for animals and animal rights activists who don’t want animals used at all.

  • Includes hundreds of alphabetically organized entries covering the full range of topics related to animal rights and welfare, including dog fighting, endangered species in zoos, animals as disease carriers, factory farming, veganism, and more
  • Encompasses the work of 150 contributors—experts from around the world that make up a virtual “who’s who” in the broad areas of animal protection
  • Outlines a chronology of legislation and other important events that have had a significant impact on animal rights issues
  • Lists references for each entry, plus a comprehensive bibliography at the end of the encyclopedia
  • Builds on the critically acclaimed, award-winning first edition with updated, expanded coverage in two volumes
  • Features contributions from world-renowned experts on a wide range of topics within the area of animal protection
  • Unravels the complexities of animal rights issues, explaining core biological, psychological, and philosophical matters in a way that is accessible to nonprofessionals
  • Takes readers to the forefront of the emerging interdisciplinary field of anthrozoology—the study of human-animal interactions

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