One Welfare: A Framework to Improve Animal Welfare and Human Well-being

By Rebeca Garcia Pinillos

One Welfare: A Framework to Improve Animal Welfare and Human Well-being Book PDF provides a definition of the concept of One Welfare: the interconnection between animal welfare, human wellbeing and the environment. The book establishes a conceptual framework, in five sections, resulting from a three month global consultation on a draft proposal comprising nine areas. The book contains: – A one welfare approach which complements and extends the existing one health approach – A range of prestigious contributions from key opinion leaders in the field of animal welfare which help to define the framework – A platform for the development of more collaborative and integrated animal welfare standards and policies One Welfare complements the One Health and Eco Health approaches, enabling full integration of animal welfare within other disciplines; a much needed tool to help improve animal welfare, human wellbeing and environmental components and support worldwide sustainable development goals. Integrating this concept into existing projects could help to foster collaboration to improve human and animal welfare globally. This text is of interest to those working in the fields of animal and human welfare, sustainability and conservation, international development and to all those keen to extend the one health approach to animal welfare and human wellbeing.

Table of Contents

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