The Cat: Behaviour and Welfare


The Cat: Behaviour and Welfare

The Cat: Behaviour And Welfare

By Anne F. McBride, Bjarne O. Braastad, and Ruth C. Newberry

The Cat: Behaviour and Welfare PDF is a bestselling book, translated, adapted and extended from a highly successful Norwegian book, provides a fascinating insight into all aspects of the behavior of domestic cats. It is written to help cat owners, veterinary professionals and others working with cats to better understand cats and thereby enhance their welfare.

  • Learn about feline behavior throughout the lifespan, and our role in helping kittens develop into happy, well-balanced adult cats.
  • Read about communication in cats, social behavior, free-roaming and hunting behavior, and differences in personality types and breeds.
  • Recognize behavior problems and how to prevent or deal with them to enhance a cat’s welfare based on insights into learning theory, emotions, and motivations.
  • Learn more about who cat owners are, why and how we keep cats. Understand the importance of the human-animal bond and how cats can benefit our own mental and physical health.
  • See videos and beautiful color photographs that add to the explanations in the text.

From understanding the behavioral needs of our cats, their motivations, and stresses, this book provides the essential information needed to promote the well-being of cats and the people who care for them.

Table of Contents

1: The Origin of Cats – How did the Cat Become Tame and Domesticated?

2: The Development of Kittens, and their Relationship with their Mother and Siblings

3: The Cat’s Personality – Individual Variation and Breed Characteristics

4: The Cat’s Language – Communication

5: Social Behaviour of Cats

6: The Cat as a Predator

7: The Cat’s Ability to Navigate

8: Motivation, Behavioural Needs, and Emotions

9: Animal Welfare – How to Ensure the Cat’s Welfare

10: Learning and Training

11: Problem Behaviours in Cats

12: People and Cats

13: The Cat’s Contribution to Human Health

14: Conclusions: How to Develop a Harmonious, Well-functioning Adult Cat

15: Literature

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