ECG Interpretation in Equine Practice

ECG Interpretation in Equine Practice PDF

By Katharyn Mitchell

ECG Interpretation in Equine Practice PDF. Advances in veterinary medical technology now provide easier and more affordable access to equine ECG recording and transmitting equipment, making ECG recordings a useful tool for equine veterinarians in both field and hospital settings.

Covering the basics of equine ECG recording, analyses and interpretation, this book provides a practical approach with details of how to get the most information out of your ECG recordings. The only book dedicated to equine ECGs, it includes:

  • Numerous clear ECG illustrations
  • Worked case examples to put theory into practice
  • New pharmacological therapies and interventional techniques

A hands-on guide for veterinarians to use when recording, diagnosing and treating arrhythmias in horses, this book will be invaluable to both specialists and those who find themselves evaluating the occasional equine patient.

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