Dairy Chemistry and Animal Nutrition

Dairy Chemistry and Animal Nutrition PDF

By V K Chhazllani

Dairy Chemistry and Animal Nutrition presents a thorough and accessible account of Dairy Chemistry and Animal Nutrition has undergone remarkable development in the last there decades. These developments, along with recent widespread application of the newest biomedical technologies, have inbued optimism that new strategies can be developed for controlling the important diseases that for centuries have been the scourages of mankind, The present text offers a compredium of reviews of the most active areas of research in biochemistry, medicine and related fields of biological sciences. by intent, the chapters are not exhaustive reviews. Special attention has been given to improved and upto date methodologies and techniques which make this work indispensable for the biological research workers.

Table of Contents


1. Milk and Milk Products

2. Fermented Milk

3. Butter and Related Products

4. Cheese Products

5. Nutrition and Maintenance

6. Nutrition and Muscles

7. Nutrition and Bone Formation

8. Nutrition and Reproduction

9. Nutrition, Regeneration, and Repair

10. Nutrition and Senescence

11. Nutritional Factors in Teratology

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