Compendium of Animal Reproduction 10th Revised Edition

Compendium of Animal Reproduction 10th Revised Edition PDF

By Monika Ptaszynska

Compendium of Animal Reproduction 10th Revised Edition PDF. Two regulatory systems govern the reproductive process in mammals. The endocrine system and the nervous system each has a specific role, and a subtle interplay between the two is essential for the cascade of events that results in the birth and successful rearing of healthy offspring. This text willprovide some basic theory about the way in which the reproductiveprocesses function, using a brief glimpse of what happens in thecow to illustrate the relationships between the different parts ofthe process. More detailed information about the reproductivecycle in cattle and other animals can be found in the chapterson the various species. Short sections at the end of this chapterdiscuss the endocrine process in the male, and some aspects ofseasonality.

Table of Contents

1 Physiology of Reproduction in mammals

2 Bovine Reproduction

3 Equine Reproduction

4 Porcine Reproduction

5 Ovine Reproduction

6 Caprine Reproduction

7 Canine Reproduction

8 Feline Reproduction

9 Reproduction in the Buffalo

10 Reproduction Camelidae

11 Reproduction in the Rabbit

12 Fish Reproduction

13 Product Information

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