Clinical Radiology of the Horse 4th Edition


Clinical Radiology of the Horse 4th Edition

Clinical Radiology Of The Horse 4Th Edition Pdf

By Janet A. Butler, Christopher M. Colles, Sue J. Dyson, Svend E. Kold and Paul W. Poulos

Clinical Radiology of the Horse 4th Edition PDF is the best-selling, practical guide to all areas of equine radiography and radiology written by an experienced group of clinicians with a broad range of backgrounds.

  • Offers an atlas of normal and clinical images, as well as a comprehensive guide to techniques, equipment, positioning, and interpretation for general veterinary practitioners and specialists in imaging and orthopaedics
  • Updates to this fourth edition fully reflect the move to digital imaging with many new figures in the book and major revisions to the chapters on the head, thorax, and abdomen
  • Contains expanded coverage of the foot, pastern, and fetlock (now in separate chapters)
  • Includes a password-protected website with all the images from the book as well as over 200 additional images with examples of more subtle lesions, more fractures, correct technique and positioning versus incorrect, immature horses, progression of disease, and pathological images
Table of Contents

About the authors v

Preface to the fourth edition vii

About the companion website ix

1 General principles 1

Introduction, 1

Principles of radiography, 3

Principles of radiographic interpretation: radiology 15

Radiological appearance of physiological changes and some common pathological lesions, 20

2 Computed and digita l radiography 41

3 The foot_55

Distal phalanx (pedal bone), 55

Hoof, 97

Navicular bone, 113

4 The proximal and middle phalanges and the proximal interphalangeal joint_149

5 Metacarpopha langeal and metatarsopha langeal (fet lock) joints_175

6 The metacarpal and metatarsal regions_215

7 The carpus and antebrach ium_259

8 The shoulder, humerus , elbow and radius_301

Scapulohumeral (shoulder) joint and humerus, 301

Humeroradial,humeroulnar and radioulnar (elbow or cubital) joints and radius, 330

9 The tarsus_349

10 The stifle and tibia_399

Stifle, 399

Tibia, 440

11 The head 449

Cranium, 451

Paranasal sinuses (frontal, maxillary, conchal) and maxilla, 466

Teeth and mandible, 480; Pharynx, larynx and Eustachian tube diverticulum, 512

12 The vertebra l column 531

Cervical vertebrae, 531

Thoracolumbar vertebrae, 569

Sacrum and coccygeal vertebrae, 602

13 The pelvis and femur_609

Pelvis, 609

Femur, 632

14 The thorax 639

15 The alimentar y and urinary systems_687

Oesophagus, 694; Abdomen and gastrointestinal tract, 705

Urinary system, 715

16 Miscellaneous techniques_723

Arthrography and bursography, 723

Tendonography, 724

Angiography, 725;

Venography, 730

Myelography, 733

Pneumocystography, 743

Intravenous Pyelography, 744

Other techniques, 744

Appendix A: Fusion times of physes and suture lines_749

Appendix B: Exposure guide, image quality and film processing faults_753

Appendix C: Glossary 761

Index 767

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