Clinical Procedures in Small Animal Veterinary Practice


Clinical Procedures in Small Animal Veterinary Practice

Clinical Procedures In Small Animal Veterinary Practice Pdf

By Victoria Aspinall and Richard Aspinall

Clinical Procedures in Small Animal Veterinary Practice PDF is your straightforward refresher in basic veterinary procedures. If as a veterinary student or graduate have you ever struggled to connect all your learning to concrete clinical practice, or felt an overpowering and urgent need for a quick, clear and reliable reprisal of basic clinical procedures, then this is the book for you. All the clinical procedures fundamental to the success of the student and practitioner are covered in clear, step-by-step format and with a wealth of colour illustrations for maximum clarity and understanding. Dogs, cats, rabbits and avian species are all dealt with.

Everything you need to know about basic procedures, but may have been afraid to ask, is presented here in one convenient volume, authored by two noted veterinary educators with years of teaching experience between them.

  • All the principal basic procedures covered
  • Step-by-step ‘action/rationale’ approach
  • Full colour format illustrated with 250 colour figures
  • Authors have long experience of teaching and training vets
Table of Contents

Restraint, handling and administration of medicines

Routine surgical procedures eg. neutering, caesarean section, cat bite abscesses, aural haematoma, removal of grass seeds, dental scaling and extractions. In many cases detailed illustrations and photographs will facilitate understanding.

Suturing techniques – all types

Laboratory procedures

Bandaging techniques – veterinary surgeons often leave this to the nurses but should be able to perform the techniques themselves.

Diagnostic imaging – mainly covering radiographical positioning and use of ultrasound.

Anaesthesia – type and choice of circuits, regional anaesthesia

Basic procedures used in the consulting room eg. squeezing anal glands, clipping nails, clipping beaks, examination of ears and eyes.

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