5-Step Canine Care: You Don’t Have to be a Vet to Help Your Pet

5-Step Canine Care: You Don't Have to be a Vet to Help Your Pet PDF

By Jet Parker

Do you often feel powerless to help your dog overcome a simple behavioral problem? Are you frustrated with all the mixed messages about what your dog should eat or not eat; do or not do? Have you wondered why everyone that takes care of your dog (trainer, veterinarian, groomer, pet sitter) is educated on pet care but dog owners aren’t offered any training resources?If this sounds at all like you then this is the book for you. After years of serving the needs of pet owners and their creature kids, it was clear: dog owners want simple, practical guidance on how to take better care of their dog. 5-Step Canine Care: You Don’t Have to be a Vet to Help Your Pet PDF makes it easy. It is a go-to guide packed with information on must-have products that keep your dog safe, resources to change your dog’s behavior problems, quick tips to help your dog avoid common injuries in your home, and endless solutions to keep your dog’s health maximized but your veterinarian expenses minimized.Your dog is a beloved family member that fills a special role in your life and provides an endless source of joy and companionship. Now, you will have a single-source book that will equip you with the products, practices and people to help your dog every day. Unlike other books, 5-STEP CANINE CARE doesn’t talk about common dog challenges, problems and issues; this book delivers solutions for them, direct resources for them, contacts to deal with them. You don’t have to be a vet to help your pet. Within minutes of reading some of the sections in this book, you will have the knowledge and network to

  • Identify the common items in your home that are toxic to your dog.
  • Discover some of the best products in the world that make it easier to walk your dog, travel with your dog, and save your dog.
  • Empower you with easy changes to make in your daily routine to ensure your dog doesn’t escape from your home, your yard or your vehicle.
  • Strip away the confusing misinformation about what is good food or bad food to serve your canine companion.
  • Reduce expensive veterinarian visits by simply changing certain habits that endanger your dog.
  • Access the contacts and online support resources that can make it more affordable to pay for your dog’s emergency medical expenses or expensive procedures.
  • Connect you with engaging experts with enlightening tutorials and online support. Don’t surrender your dog’s welfare to other people! This book’s 5-simple segments (preparation, attention, prevention, nutrition, education) will give you the ability to help your dog so much, in so little time and with so little effort. The greatest outcome from reading this book: a longer, vibrant life for your canine companion. Scroll to the top and click the “buy Now” button.

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