Clinical Endocrinology of Dogs and Cats: An Illustrated Text

Clinical Endocrinology of Dogs and Cats: An Illustrated Text PDF

By Ad Rijnberk , Hans S. Kooistra

Clinical Endocrinology of Dogs and Cats: An Illustrated Text PDF. Clinical endocrinology is a fascinating field requiring the challenging combination of broad pathophysiological interest and specific expertise in the field of endocrinology, thereby occupying a common ground between biochemistry, physiology and clinical medicine. In the majority of cases the clinician’s notion of the presence of an endocrine disease is largely based upon pattern recognition, in which physical changes play an important role. Therefore many color illustrations have been included throughout the text.
In addition there are many full color graphs and illustrations of diagnostic imaging and pathology. With over 350 illustrations the book represents a richly illustrated text on the diseases of endocrine glands. For each gland there is an introductory section on the relevant morphology and physiology, followed by descriptions of the disorders of the gland. When endocrine diseases are quite different in dogs and cats, separate descriptions are given for these species. Protocols for function tests and emergency treatments are presented in the last chapters. Consequently the book provides the user with both comprehensive descriptions and quick references.
Clinical Endocrinology of Dogs and Cats: An Illustrated Text has been written by leading clinicians in the field, with contributions from two biochemists, a radiologist and pathologist. As such a valuable textbook for veterinary students and practitioners has been compiled to fulfil the need for an up-to-date and complete book on endocrine diseases of dogs and cats.

  • Directed at use in clinical practice.
  • Symptoms illustrated by numerous photographs.
  • Endocrine principles explained by many drawings.
  • Detailed protocols for diagnosis and treatment.
  • Algorithms for the elucidation of clinical problems.
Table of Contents

Preface to the first edition
Preface to the second edition

1 Introduction

2 Hypothalamus-Pituitary System

3 Thyroids

4 Adrenals

5 Endocrine Pancreas

6 Gonadal Development and Disorders of Sexual Differentiation

7 Ovaries

8 Testes

9 Calciotropic Hormones

10 Tissue Hormones and Humoral Manifestations of Cancer

11 Obesity

12 Protocols for Function Tests

13 Treatment Protocols

14 Algorithms


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