Charm your Clients. Neuromarketing for Vets

Charm your Clients. Neuromarketing for Vets

By Miguel Ángel Valera Arnanz, Inmaculada Pérez Madrigal and Nuria Tabares Rivero

Charm your Clients. Neuromarketing for Vets. Why do people buy things? What tools can we use to convince clients and sell our services? In this work, the authors offer their more than 20 years of experience working in different areas of a veterinary practice. Written with a practical approach, this book reviews the current knowledge in neuromarketing and provides advice for its implementation in the real daily life of veterinary practices.

Table of Contents

1 What is neuromarketing and how can it be used?
2 Integrity and beliefs. Ethics in neuromarketing
3 What makes people buy things?
4 Future trends in veterinary medicine
5 How do your clients perceive you?
6 Are you willing to change?
7 Sell – what a wretched word!
8 Attracting clients. Reputation, coherence, and symbolic value
9 Reception in a neuromarketing clinic
10 Conquering your client’s mind. Neuromarketing in the consultation
11 Enabling decisions
12 How to offer health plans
13 Even more complicated: neuromarketing on social media
14 Neuromarketing over the telephone
15 Using neuromarketing to manage critical points during consultations
16 Managing internal clients. Employee communication and motivation
17 Tools for implementing neuromarketing in a veterinary practice

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