Cardiovascular Disease in Companion Animals, Dog, Cat and Horse, 2nd Edition


Cardiovascular Disease in Companion Animals, Dog, Cat and Horse, 2nd Edition

Cardiovascular Disease In Companion Animals, Dog, Cat And Horse, 2Nd Edition

By Wendy A. Ware and John D. Bonagura

Cardiovascular Disease in Companion Animals, Dog, Cat and Horse, 2nd Edition PDF covers the horse as well as the dog and cat. The comprehensive, superbly illustrated book has been completely revised and expanded from the original Cardiovascular Disease in Small Animal Medicine. Five key sections provide clearly written overviews of normal cardiovascular structure and function, pathophysiologic derangements and their manifestations, clinical cardiology testing and interpretation, and extensive guidance for cardiovascular disease diagnosis and management. A broad collection of clinical images, graphics, tables, diagrams, and a Summary Drug Tables for each species enhances the book’s utility as a practical clinical resource. Up-to-date references support the focus on cardiovascular diseases and reflect important developments in veterinary cardiology and practice. A valuable companion website contains videos and additional images to enhance each chapter.

Since first publication in 2007, Dr Ware’s authoritative yet user-friendly guide to cardiovascular diseases in veterinary practice has been widely praised. This book contains even more illustrations of the highest quality. Coverage also includes diagnostic considerations for various clinical problems, procedures and techniques for patient evaluation, and detailed management strategies for congestive heart failure, arrhythmias, and other complications of cardiovascular disease. This second edition is a must-have for veterinary practitioners, students, interns, residents, and others with an in-depth interest in veterinary cardiology.

Table of Contents

Section I: Fundamentals of Clinical Cardiology.

Chapter 1 The Normal Cardiovascular System.

Chapter 2 Cardiovascular Examination.

Chapter 3 Cardiac Radiography.

Chapter 4 Echocardiography

Chapter 5 Electrocardiography.

Chapter 6 Cardiac Catheterization and Angiocardiography.

Section II: Clinical Manifestations of Cardiovascular Disease. 

Chapter 7 Exercise Intolerance.

Chapter 8 Intermittent Collapse and Syncope.

Chapter 9 Cough.

Chapter 10 Respiratory Distress.

Chapter 11 Murmurs and Abnormal Heart Sounds.

Chapter 12 Abnormal Heart Rate or Rhythm.

Chapter 13 Abnormal mucous membrane color.

Chapter 14 Arterial Pulse Abnormalities.

Chapter 15 Jugular Venous Distension or Pulsation.

Chapter 16 Abdominal Distension.

Chapter 17 Subcutaneous Edema.

Chapter 18 Cardiomegaly

Chapter 19 Clinical Laboratory Abnormalities. Section III: Heart Failure. 

Chapter 20 Heart Failure: Pathophysiology and Patient Assessment.

Chapter 21 Drugs for the Treatment of Heart Failure.

Chapter 22 Management of Heart Failure. Section IV: Heart Rhythm Disturbances. 

Chapter 23 Arrhythmias: Pathophysiology and Clinical Associations.

Chapter 24 Antiarrhythmic Therapies.

Chapter 25 Management of Cardiac Arrhythmias.

Section V: Cardiovascular Diseases. 

Chapter 26 Congenital Cardiac Shunts.

Chapter 27 Congenital Valvular Malformations.

Chapter 28 Other Cardiovascular Malformations.

Chapter 29 Degenerative Valvular Disease of the Dog.

Chapter 30 Valvular Heart Disease of the Horse.

Chapter 31 Infective Endocarditis.

Chapter 32 Myocardial Diseases of the Dog.

Chapter 33 Myocardial Diseases of the Cat.

Chapter 34 Myocardial Diseases of the Horse.

Chapter 35 Pericardial Diseases and Cardiac Tumors.

Chapter 36 Thromboembolic Disease.

Chapter 37 Vascular Diseases.

Chapter 38 Systemic Hypertension.

Chapter 39 Pulmonary Hypertension.

Chapter 40 Heartworm Disease

Summary Formulary.


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