Breeding Horses

By Mina C. G. Davies Morel

Breeding Horses Book PDF. Written for students and all with a general interest in breeding horses, this book sets out to provide a basic understanding with sufficient practical information for beginners to get started.

Enough reproductive physiology of the mare and stallion is included to clarify the management techniques which are explained later in the book, but unnecessary details are avoided. Artificial insemination and embryo transfer are also explained, as are selecting the broodmare and stallion, management at covering and during pregnancy, and post-partum care of the mare and foal.

  • Authoritative, readable, concise and practical yet unburdened with unnecessary detail
  • Suitable as a textbook for ONC and BHS students and as a practical guide for horseowners
  • Well illustrated throughout
Table of Contents


1 Reproductive Anatomy

2 Control of Reproduction

3 Selecting and Preparing the Mare and Stallion for Breeding

4 Putting your Mare in Foal

5 Management of the Pregnant Mare

6 Managing your Mare at Foaling

7 Managing the Newborn Foal and the Lactating Mare

8 Managing the Older Foal and Weaning


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