Biology and Physiology of Freshwater Neotropical Fish

Biology and Physiology of Freshwater Neotropical Fish

By Bernardo Baldisserotto, Elisabeth Urbinati and Jose Cyrino

Biology and Physiology of Freshwater Neotropical Fish PDF is the all-inclusive guide to fish species prevalent in the neotropical realm. It provides the most updated systematics, classification, anatomical, behavioral, genetic, and functioning systems information on freshwater neotropical fish species. This book begins by analyzing the differences in phylogeny, anatomy, and behaviour of neotropical fish. Systems such as cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, digestive, reproductive, muscular, and endocrine are described in detail. This book also looks at the effects of stress on fish immune systems, and how color and pigmentation play into physiology and species differentiation.

Biology and Physiology of Freshwater Neotropical Fish is a must-have for fish biologists and zoologists. Students in zoology, ichthyology, and fish farming will also find this book useful for its coverage of some of the world’s rarest and least-known fish species.

  • Features chapters written by top neotropical fish researchers and specialists
  • Discusses environmental effects on neotropical fishes, including climate change and pollution
  • Details the phylogenetic occurrence of electroreceptors and electric organs in fish
Table of Contents

1.Phylogeny and Classification of Neotropical Fish
2. Anatomy of Teleosts and Elasmobranchs
3. The Genetic Bases of Physiological Processes in Fishes
4. Behavior and Welfare
5. Stress and Immune Systems in Fish
6. Evolution and Physiology of Electroreceptors and Electric Organs in Neotropical Fish
7. Color and Physiology of Pigmentation
8. Morphology, Development and Muscle Growth
9. The Cardiovascular System
10. Breathing and Respiratory Adaptations
11. Nutrition and Functional Aspects of Fish Digestion
12. Osmotic and Ionic Regulation
13. Reproduction and Embryogenesis
14. Brain-Hypophysis-Gonads and Gametogenesis

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