Atlas of Diagnostic Imaging of Dogs and Cats

Atlas of Diagnostic Imaging of Dogs and Cats

By Massimo Vignoli and Joh

Atlas of Diagnostic Imaging of Dogs and Cats PDF is a Great Deal For Small Animal Practioners. Diagnostic imaging is a key component in the care of companion animal patients. In recent decades the available imaging modalities have expanded from conventional radiography to include ultrasonography, computed tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging, and all are employed on a daily basis in both general and specialty veterinary practice.

Table of Contents

SECTION I General introduction

CHAPTER 1 Diagnostic imaging

SECTION II Appendicular skeleton

CHAPTER 2 Normal bones and joints

CHAPTER 3 Appendicular skeleton: radiology and techniques

CHAPTER 4 Fundamental bone and joint alterations

CHAPTER 5 Fractures

CHAPTER 6 Skeletal diseases of unknown etiology

CHAPTER 7 Elbow dysplasia

CHAPTER 8 Hip dysplasia

CHAPTER 9 Osteochondrosis

CHAPTER 10 Other congenital developmental and hereditary diseases

CHAPTER 11 Metabolic bone diseases

CHAPTER 12 Soft tissues

SECTION III Axial skeleton

CHAPTER 13 Diseases of the skull

CHAPTER 14 Brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome

CHAPTER 15 Eye and orbit

CHAPTER 16 Vertebral column


CHAPTER 17 Thoracic wall, diaphragm, and pleura

CHAPTER 18 Mediastinum

CHAPTER 19 Congenital and acquired cardiac diseases

CHAPTER 20 Lung: anatomy, techniques, and interpretation principles

CHAPTER 21 Trachea

CHAPTER 22 Infectious pulmonary disease

CHAPTER 23 Pulmonary infiltrations


CHAPTER 24 Abdominal cavity and retroperitoneal space

CHAPTER 25 Gastrointestinal contrast studies

CHAPTER 26 The stomach

CHAPTER 27 The small intestine

CHAPTER 28 The large intestine

CHAPTER 29 Normal liver and hepatic parenchymal disease

CHAPTER 30 Biliary system

CHAPTER 31 Portosystemic shunts

CHAPTER 32 Pancreas

SECTION VI Interventional radiology

CHAPTER 38 Interventional radiology

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