Animal Oncology


Animal Oncology

Animal Oncology

By S. Sivaseelan

Animal Oncology Book PDF by S. Sivaseelan is a completely comprehensive book written in simple language covering the pertinent information to inculcate the knowledge of Neoplasms to Veterinary Students, Researchers and Practitioners. This Book is also useful to Medical and Dental Students. Readers of Oncology, who are often highly confused due to their imagination and understanding of this subject, will find this Book as a boon, which alleviates the hindrances of understanding Oncology. Clear illustrations on each and every aspect of Veterinary Oncology have been provided for easy understanding and remembrance. This book has two portions namely General Oncology and Special Oncology. General Oncology deals with the general concepts of neoplasms in 14 Chapters and Special Oncology deals with specific neoplasms pertaining to different body systems in 35 Chapters. Special Oncology has been fortified with 155 colour photographs that have been taken from various tumour cases diagnosed by me over a period of more than 10 years. These photographs with their legends will make students and practitioners to understand about almost all neoplasms that occur in Livestock and Poultry easily. Research Articles published by us pertaining to certain tumours have been included for the interest of Oncology researches. Special staining and immunohistochemical illustrations provided to certain tumours in this Book will also be highly useful to Oncology researchers. The World Health Organization and World Health Animal Organization-approved, Gold standard technique to finalize a growth/swelling/mass/tumour is Histopathological reading that would be well enjoyed by any Veterinary Student or Practitioner who is reading this book.

Table of Contents

Foreword v
Preface vii
Part I: General Oncology
1. Certain Terminologies used in Relation with Neoplasm 3
2. Nomenclature and Classification of Tumours 7
3. Etiology of Neoplasms – Intrinsic and Extrinsic Factors 12
4. Radiation Induced Carcinogenesis 15
5. Chemical Carcinogenesis 18
6. Parasitic Carcinogenesis 22
7. Bacterial Carcinogenesis 23
8. Viral Carcinogenesis 25
9. Tumour Diagnosis 37
10. Biology of Tumour Growth 62
11. Tumour Spread 64
12. Tumour Immunity 67
13. Tumour Effects 71
14. Paraneoplastic Syndrome 74
Part II: Special Oncology (Specific Neoplasms)
1. Connective Tissue (Mesenchymal) Tumours: Fibroma and Fibrosarcoma 79
2. Lipoma and Liposarcoma 86
3. Myxoma and Myxosarcoma 91
4. Chondroma and Chondrosarcoma 93
5. Osteoma and Osteosarcoma 95

6. Leiomyoma and Leiomyosarcoma 99
7. Rhabdomyoma and Rhabdomyosarcoma 102
8. Epulis (Gingival Enlargement) 104
9. Angioma and Angiosarcoma (Tumours of Blood and Lymph Vessels) 110
10. Round Cell Tumours 114
11. Mesothelioma 138
12. Epithelial Tumours 139
13. Squamous Cell Carcinoma 143
14. Basal Cell Tumour (Basal Cell Carcinoma) 152
15. Hair Follicle Tumour 156
16. Sebaceous Gland Tumours 159
17. Sweat Gland Tumour 161
18. Adenoma of Gland 162
19. Adenocarcinoma 163
20. Salivary Gland Tumour 165
21. Nasal Tumours 168
22. Urinary Bladder Tumour 170
23. Perianal Gland Tumour 172
(Circumanal Gland Tumour, Hepatoid Gland Tumour)
24. Melanocytoma and Malignant Melanoma 175
25. Ceruminous Gland Tumours 180
26. Mammary Tumour 181
27. Liver Tumours 184
28. Lung Tumours 188
29. Thyroid, Parathyroid and Pancreatic Tumours 191
30. Adrenal Gland Tumours 192
31. Ameloblastoma (Adamantinoma) 194
32. Kidney Tumours 196
33. Tumours of Nervous System 199
34. Tumours of Female Reproductive System 207
35. Tumours of Male Reproductive System 211
Index 219
Color Plates 225

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