Animal Nutrition Science

Animal Nutrition Science Book By Gordon Mcl. Dryden

By Gordon McL. Dryden

Animal Nutrition Science Book PDF introduces the fundamental topics of animal nutrition, in a treatment which deals with terrestrial animals in general. Addressing a wider range of topics than the standard animal nutrition texts, the subjects covered include nutritional ecology and the evolution of feeding styles, nutrients (including minerals, vitamins and water) and their functions, food composition and methods of evaluating foods, mammalian and microbial digestion and the supply of nutrients, control and prediction of food intake, quantitative nutrition and ration formulation, methods of investigating nutritional problems, nutritional genomics, nutrition and the environment, and methods of feed processing and animal responses to processed foods. The many references provide the scientific basis for the text, and give signposts for the reader to extend their enquiry in topics of interest.

Table of Contents

Table of contents

1: Introduction to Nutritional Ecology

2: The Nutritive Value of Animal Foods: Introductory concepts about Foods, Nutrients and Food Analysis

3: Methods of Evaluating the availabilty of Nutrients in Foods

4: The Physico-Chemical Composition and Digestibility of Foods

5: The Nutritive Value of Animal Foods

6: Secondary Substances in Concentrates and Roughages

7: Digestion and the Supply of Nutrients

8: Water use and Requirements

9: Minerals: Their Functions and Animal Requirements

10: Vitamins

11: Voluntary Food Intake

12: Quantitative Nutrition: Requirements for Maintenance and Production

13: Ration Formulation

14: Nutritional Investigations: Measures for Nutritional Status

15: Nutrition and the Environment

16: Nutritional Genomics

17: Stockfood Processing: Methods and Animal Responses

18: Feedmill Design and Management: An Introduction

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