Fundamentals of Animal Nutrition


Fundamentals of Animal Nutrition

Fundamentals Of Animal Nutrition

By Subodh Kumar Saha and Nitya Nand Pathak

Fundamentals of Animal Nutrition PDF book provides comprehensive information about the different aspects of veterinary nutrition in tropical countries.The introductory chapter discuss the importance of nutrition, feeds and feeding of balanced and optimum feeds specifically required for the sustenance of life. The second chapter, discusses briefly the history of research in animal nutrition.The book further talks about the relationship between the environment and nutrition in animals; the chemical composition of plants and animals; and the various sources of feed for animals. It provides details on the different phases of life cycle in animals, and the effect of nutrition on the performance. Various Nutrients and its importance in livestock nutritionand production has been illustrated in details. Various nutrients such as water, carbohydrate, protein, fats, vitamins, minerals etc are individually dealt in a separate chapter. The digestive system,digestion and metabolism of carbohydrates, protein and fats in ruminant and non ruminant livestock have been illustrated. A dedicated chapter fully describes the activity of enzymes which are directly involved in nutrition. Also this book deals with the harmful components of animal feed which are found mainly in the unconventional feeds. The books also provide chapters like partitioning of feed& energy and also the therapeutic and clinical nutrition which are very importantfor the under graduate & post graduate students and researchers of animal nutrition and livestock production and management.

This book is useful for researchers, undergraduate and post graduate students studying veterinary sciences, animal husbandry, zoology and biochemistry.

  • Discusses topics like the different phases of life cycle in animals, therapeutic and clinical nutrition, processing of feeds
  • Discusses theharmful components of animal feed which are found mainly in the unconventional feeds
  • Uses lucid language and provides photographs, tables and sketches for easy understanding
Table of Contents

Brief History of Animal Nutrition

Relationship of Soil, Water, Air, Solar Energy, Plant and Animals

Chemicals of Life and Chemical Reactions in the Animal Cells

Partitioning of Foods



Proteins and Other Nitrogenous Substances of Nutritional Significance


Mineral Nutrition



Hormones in Nutrition

Use of Feed Additives on Livestock Production

Digestion, Absorption and Metabolism of Nutrients

Feeding Processes

Energy Partitioning

Clinical and Therapeutic Nutrition

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