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Animal Microbiology


Animal Microbiology

Animal Microbiology Pdf

By HU Jianhe, XU Yanzhao, WANG Lei and WANG Qing

Animal Microbiology PDF provides a wide range of basic knowledge. This book consists of three parts namely; Bacteriology, Mycology and Virology. Each part contains an overview and several monographs. The overview introduces the basic theory of microbiology. Monograph introduces the biological characteristics, pathogenicity and detection techniques and preventive measures of important pathogenic microorganisms related to animal husbandry. The microorganisms described in this book are presently popular in animals all over the world. Based on the spirit of ‘one health, one medicine’, this book also introduces microbes that occur in both humans and animals. This book is helpful for undergraduates, post graduate students and faculties as well.

  • Easy and lucid language
  • Suitable for beginners interested in microorganism
  • Content is systematic, scientific and practical
  • Covers wide range such as; veterinary medicine, animal quarantine, animal pharmacy, animal husbandry, zoology, food science, agricultural and forestry science.

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Table of Contents
Morphology and Structure of Bacteria
Physiology and Ecology of Bacteria
Disinfection and Sterilization
Infection and Pathogenesis of Bacteria
Bacterial Heredity and Variation
Classification and Nomenclature of Bacteria
Coccus of Gram Positive
Gram Negative Aerobe
Gram Positive Aspsorogenous Rod
Gram Positive, Spore-forming Bacilli
Spirochaeta, Mycoplasma, Rickettsia and Chlamydia
Viral Structure and Classification
Viral Replication
Heredity and Evolution of Virus
Virus-Cell Interactions
Pathogenesis of Viruses
Detection of Virus Infection
Double-Stranded DNA Viruses
Single-Stranded DNA Viruses
Double-Stranded RNA Viruses
Minus Strand RNA Viruses of Segmentation
Other Viruses of Positive-Sense RNA

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File Format Pdf
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