Anatomical and Clinical Radiology of Birds of Prey

“Anatomical and Clinical Radiology of Birds of Prey” is a comprehensive atlas of the normal radiographic anatomy of raptors including the saker falcon, gyr falcon, common barn owl, Eurasian eagle owl, northern goshawk, red kite, Eurasian honey buzzard, palm nut vulture and steppe eagle. It also describes the clinical and pathological conditions that are commonly encountered in birds of prey. Uniquely, in this atlas, a color photograph of a particular clinical condition (e.g. bumblefoot) or a photograph taken during a post-mortem examination is presented together with the radiograph. Radiographic procedures such as positioning techniques, contrast radiography and magnification radiography are also presented. The chapter on advanced clinical anatomy imaging includes ultrasonography, computed axial tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. This chapter and the related interactive DVD aim to be learning tools for those who want to acquire a basic knowledge of veterinary digital imaging in the field of avian medicine. Highly illustrated with over 70 color photographs, 290 radiographs and 120 line illustrations, “Anatomical and Clinical Radiology of Birds of Prey” will be of great use to avian veterinarians, zoo veterinarians, rehabilitators, academicians, students and others interested in raptor anatomy and medicine.

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