Achieving Sustainable Production of Milk Volume 1-3 

By Nico van Belzen / Nico van Belzen / John Webster

Achieving Sustainable Production of Milk Volume 1-3 Milk Composition, Genetics and Breeding PDF. In meeting rising demand, more intensive dairying systems face a range of challenges such as maintaining high standards of safety in the face of the continuing threat from zoonoses entering the food chain, whilst sustaining nutritional and sensory quality. At the same time farms need to become more efficient and sustainable. Finally, farming must also meet higher standards of animal health and welfare.

Drawing on an international range of expertise, this book begins by discussing the composition of milk including proteins and bioactive components, the wide range of ingredients produced from milk, as well as aspects sensory quality. It also reviews current understanding of genetic factors affecting protein and other aspects of milk composition, other desirable traits such as fertility and advances in breeding to achieve improvements in quality and productivity in dairy farming.

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