A Photographic Atlas of Histology PDF


A Photographic Atlas of Histology

A Photographic Atlas Of Histology Pdf

By Michael J. Leboffe

A Photographic Atlas of Histology PDF is designed for use in undergraduate histology and human anatomy courses. This atlas contains over 550 high-quality photomicrographs of human tissues and organs.

From Preface:

The primary goal and overriding theme of A Photographic Atlas of Histology is practicality. And while I expect that it will get used during home study and test review, I wrote with the student sitting at the microscope with a box of slides to examine in mind. My hope is that the images in this book will assist that student in identifying what needs to be seen. Toward this end, I used commercially available microscope slides to photograph, so the images represent the quality and diversity of what a student is actually likely to encounter in the laboratory; pathological specimens have not been used. I also have minimized the inclusion of electron micrographs, because beginning histology students are not typically required (or even allowed) to use an electron microscope. Finally, I wrote captions for the images as if I were showing projected images to a class, so they tend to be lengthy and descriptive.

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