Zoonoses, Infections Affecting Humans and Animals

The book will cover the most important zoonoses with a public health impact and debate actual developments in this field from a One Health perspective. The outline of the book follows a “setting” approach, i.e. special settings of zoonoses with a public health aspect, rather than presenting a simple textbook of an encyclopedic character. Main chapters will deal with zoonoses in the food chain including a special focus on the emerging issue of antibiotic resistance, with zoonoses in domestic and pet animals, in wildlife animal species (including bats as an important infectious agent multiplier), influenza and tuberculosis as most prominent zoonoses, and zoonotic pathogens as bioterroristic agents. Special interest chapters debate non-resolved and currently hotly debated zoonoses (e.g. M. Crohn/paratuberculosis, chronic botulism) as well as the economic and ecological aspects of zoonoses.

  • One Health perspective: books dealing with zoonoses from a One Health perspective under a broader and interdisciplinary scale do not exist
  • “Setting” rather than encyclopedic approach: books dealing with zoonoses with a public health aspect do not exist
  • Interdisciplinary perspective with special interest chapters and reflection of currently debated issues appeal to students, professionals and interested public

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