Veterinary Surgery: A Practical Guide

Veterinary Surgery: A Practical Guide

By P.B. Patel and A.M. Patel

Veterinary Surgery: A practical guide PDF Book is basically prepared as per new VCI syllabus for students and field veterinarians. It comprised three units (I. General Veterinary Surgery, Anesthesiology and Diagnostic Imaging. II. Regional Veterinary Surgery. III. Veterinary Orthopedics and Lameness). This book contains more than 80 illustrations include different surgical instrument, suturing techniques, anesthetic sites for nerve block and surgical sites for abdominal surgery. This book is very useful for day to day practice for veterinarians.

Table of Contents

Unit – I

1. Surgical Instruments and Equipments
2. Layout of Operation Theatre
3. Surgical Preparation
4. Suture
5. Haemostesis
6. Inhalation Anaesthesia
7. Intravenous General Anaesthesia
8. Anaesthetic Emergencies
9. Local and Regional Anaesthesia
10. Chemical Restraint of Laboratory and Wild Animals
11. X-Ray Equipment and Safety Measures in Radiography
12. Dark Room Technique
13. Intensifying Screens
14. Radiographic Positioning in Animals
15. Interpretation of X-Ray Film
16. Radiographic Quality
17. Radiographic Lesion
18. Contrast Radiography
19. Ultrasonography
Unit – II
20. Examination of Oral Cavity
21. Rasping of Tooth
22. Trephining of Sinus in Large Animals
23. Amputation of Horn
24. Ligation of Stenson’s Duct
25. Otoscopy and Othaematoma
26. Emergency Tracheotomy
27. Esophagotomy
28. Ophthalmoscopy and Tests for Blindness
29. Ectropion and Entropion
30. Extirpation of Eyeball
31. Laparotomy
32. Thoracotomy
33. Thoracocentesis and Abdomenocentesis
34. Rumenotomy
35. Gastrotomy in Canine
36. Intestinal Surgery
37. Urethrotomy
38. Cystotomy
39. Vasectomy and Castration
40. Ovariohysterectomy and Caesarean Section in Bitch
41. Amputation of Tail
42. Ventral Hernia
43. Teat Surgery
Unit – III
44. Body Confirmation and Diagnosis of Lameness in Horse
45. Equine Shoeing
46. Orthopaedic Care and Plaster of Paris Cast
47. Thomas Splint and Robert Jones Bandage
48. Intramedullary Pinning in Dogs
49. Neurological Examination, Diagnostic Nerve Block and Neurectomy
50. Claw Trimming
51. Tenetomy and Tenecotomy
52. Dew Claw Removal and Amputation of Digit
53. Patellar Luxation in Canine
54. Upward Fixation of the Patella
55. Amputation of Limb
56. Physiotherapy

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