The Encyclopedia of Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare


The Encyclopedia of Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare

The Encyclopedia Of Applied Animal Behaviour And Welfare

By Daniel S. Mills, Jeremy N. Marchant-Forde, Paul D. McGreevy, David B. Morton, Christine J. Nicol, Clive J.C. Phillips, Peter Sandøe and Ronald R. Swaisgood

The Encyclopedia of Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare PDF. Welfare research has established a range of scientific indicators of stress, welfare and suffering in animals that can be applied to all aspects of improving their welfare through good housing and management, and the topic continues to grow in importance among both professionals and the public.

The practical focus of this authoritative, comprehensive encyclopedia aims to promote the understanding and improvement of animals’ behaviour without compromising welfare. Under the editorial direction of Professor Daniel Mills, the UK’s first specialist in veterinary behavioural medicine, over 180 international experts have contributed a wealth of fully cross-referenced entries from concise definitions to detailed short essays on biological, practical, clinical and ethical aspects of behaviour and welfare in domestic, exotic, companion and zoo animals.

Table of Contents

1: Abandoned Animals

2: Breeding

3: Central Nervous System

4: Confinement

5: Dominance

6: Environment

7: Feeding

8: Grazing Behaviour

9: Hierarchy

10: Immune Systems

11: Laying Hen Housing

12: Maternal Behaviour

13: Nursing

14: Operant Tests

15: Parental Behaviour

16: Rearing Environment

17: Sexual Behaviour

18: Slaughter

19: Transport

20: Ultrasound

21: Vision

22: Wildlife Management

23: Zoo

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