Sturkie’s Avian Physiology 7th Edition

Sturkie’s Avian Physiology, 7th Edition PDF

By Colin Scanes, Sami Dridi

Sturkie’s Avian Physiology 7th Edition PDF is the classic, comprehensive, single volume on the physiology of domestic and wild birds. This latest edition is thoroughly revised and updated with several new chapters with entirely new content on such topics as vision, sensory taste, pain reception, evolution and domestication. Chapters throughout have been greatly expanded due to the many recent advances in the field. This book is written by international experts in different aspects of avian physiology. For easy reading and searches, the book is structured under a series of themes, beginning with genomic studies, sensory biology and nervous systems, and major organs. Sturkie’s Avian Physiology 7th Edition is an important resource for ornithologists, poultry scientists, and other researchers in avian studies. It is also useful for students in avian or poultry physiology, as well as avian veterinarians.

  • Stands out as the only single volume devoted to bird physiology
  • Features updates, revisions or additions to each chapter
  • Written and edited by international leaders in avian studies
Table of Contents
  • Part I. Undergirding themes
    1. Importance of physiology of birds
    2. Avian genomics
    3. Transcriptomics of physiological systems
    4. Avian Proteomics
    5. Avian metabolomics
    6. Mitochondrial physiology
    7. Evolution of birds
    8. Domestication of poultry
  • Part II. Sensory biology and nervous system theme
    9. The avian somatosensory system: a comparative view
    10. Avian Vision
    11. Avian Hearing
    12. Avian olfaction and other chemical reception (excluding taste)
    13. Avian taste reception
    14. Avian nociception and pain
    15. Magnetoreception and its use for long distance migration
    16. Avian subpallium and autonomic nervous systemPart III. Organ system theme
    17. Blood
    18. The cardiovascular system
    19. Osmoregulatory systems of birds
    20. Respiration
    21. Gastrointestinal anatomy and physiology
    21A. Intestinal villi and crypt organization and function
    22. Bone
    23. Skeletal muscle
    24. The avian immune systemPart IV. Metabolism theme
    25. Carbohydrate metabolism
    26. Adipose tissue and lipid metabolism
    27. Protein metabolism
    28. Food intake regulation
  • Part V. Endocrine theme
    29. Overview of avian neuropeptides and peptides
    30. Pituitary gland
    31. Thyroids
    32. The role of hormones in the regulation of bone turnover and eggshell calcification
    33. Adrenals Rocco
    34. Endocrine pancreas
  • Part VI. Reproductive theme
    35. Reproduction in the female
    36. Reproduction in the male
    37. The physiology of the avian embryoPart VI. Cross-cutting themes
    38. Stress Eco-physiology
    39. Physiology of welfare/wellbeing of poultry
    40. Reproductive Behavior
    41. Physiology of growth
    42. Circadian rhythms
    43. Circannual cycles and photoperiodism
    44. Annual cycles
    45. Regulation of body temperature: patterns and processes
    46. Flight
    47. Physiological challenges of migration
    48. Actions of toxicants and endocrine-disrupting chemicals in birds

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