Sperm Sexing and its Role in Livestock Production

Sperm Sexing and its Role in Livestock Production PDF

By Vinod Kumar Yata

Sperm Sexing and its Role in Livestock Production PDF presents basic principles and discusses the state-of-the-art methods of sperm sexing in livestock. It reviews the challenges and critical opinions on the conventional sperm sexing methods and characteristic features of spermatozoa of farm animals which could help to develop novel methods of sperm sexing. The book also presents principles and applications of flow cytometry for sperm separation. The chapters of the book elucidate methods and difficulties in developing sperm sexing methods. Notably, it covers recent research on immunological and nanotechnology-based sperm sexing methods. The book also provides information on the development of semen extenders. Towards the end, the book examines ethical and commercial aspects of sperm sexing. It is an ideal reference book for students, researchers and professionals working towards improving livestock production.

  • Provides principles of sperm sexing and its applications in livestock production
  • Examines flow cytometry for sperm sexing
  • Reviews opinion on ethical and commercial issues on sperm sexing

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction to sperm sexing.
Chapter 2: Semen and sperm characteristics of farm animals.
Chapter 3: Conventional methods of sperm sexing.
Chapter 4: Sperm sexing using flow cytometry: Principles and applications.
Chapter 5:Recent advances and challenges in the development of novel sperm sexing methods.
Chapter 6:Semen extenders for preservation of sorted semen.
Chapter 7: Commercial and ethical aspects of sperm sexing.

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