Social Behaviour in Farm Animals

Social Behaviour in Farm Animals PDF

By L. J. Keeling and H. W. Gonyou

Social Behaviour in Farm Animals PDF. An understanding of social behaviour is increasingly necessary in farm animal husbandry as more animals are housed in groups rather than in individual stalls or pens. There may be economic or welfare reasons for such housing. This book is the first to specifically address this important subject. The chapters fall into three broad subject areas: concepts in social behaviour; species specific chapters; current issues. Authors include leading experts from Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand.

  • Animal welfare/behaviour issues are becoming increasingly important
  • Combines theoretical and practical details about the social behaviour of our most common farm species
  • Written by leading experts from around the world

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Table of Contents

Living in Groups: An Evolutionary Perspective

Group Life

Parental Behaviour

The Evolution and Domestication of Social Behaviour

The Social Behaviour of Cattle

The Social Behaviour of Pigs

The Social Behaviour of Domestic Birds

The Social Behaviour of Sheep

The Social Behaviour of Horses

The Social Behaviour of Fish

Breaking Social Bonds

Individual Differences and Personality

People as Social Actors in the World of Farm Animals

Social Cognition of Farm Animals

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