Small Animal Fluid Therapy

Small Animal Fluid Therapy

By Edward Cooper, Julien Guillaumin, Page Yaxley , Jiwoong Her amd Anda Young

Small Animal Fluid Therapy Edward S. Cooper PDF. Fluid therapy is one of the most important aspects of patient management in veterinary medicine, and this book provides guidelines for its safe implementation in clinical practice. It describes fluid compartments of the body and considers the factors that affect movement of administered water, electrolytes and colloids. It also covers characteristics of different fluid types, routes of fluid administration, and how to approach fluid supplementation. Finally, this book provides information regarding both general application and monitoring of fluid therapy, as well as consideration of an assortment of specific clinical circumstances. This book:

  • Provides the tools necessary to develop an appropriate fluid therapy plan for any small animal patient;
  • Includes careful consideration of potential adverse effects associated with fluid therapy to help optimize safety and efficacy of fluid administration;
  • Contains numerous color illustrations and is written by recognized experts from the USA.

With multiple case examples to help translate theory into practical advice, this valuable book provides a comprehensive and informative resource for veterinarians facing a range of clinical circumstances.

Table of Contents

1: Introduction: Importance and Roll of Fluid Therapy in Small Animal Practice

2: Body Fluid Compartments

3: Fluid Types: Crystalloids

4i: Synthetic Colloids

4ii: Natural Colloids

5: Routes of Fluid Administration

6i: Resuscitation Fluid Therapy

6ii: Replacement Fluid Therapy

6iii: Maintenance Fluid Therapy

7i: Dextrose Supplementation

7ii: Potassium Supplementation

7iii: Calcium and Phosphorus Supplementation

7iv: Magnesium Supplementation

8i: Special Considerations for Patients Experiencing Hemorrhage/Trauma

8ii: Special Considerations for Septic Patients

8iii: Impact of Heart Disease on Fluid Therapy

8iv: Impact of Renal Disease on Fluid Therapy

8v: Anesthesia/Peri-operative Fluid Considerations

8vi: Management of Hypernatremia and Hyponatremia

8vii: Approach to Fluid Therapy in Patients with Hypoproteinemia

8viii: Special Considerations in Neonates/Pediatrics

8ix: Special Considerations with Cats

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