Differential Diagnosis of Body Fluids in Small Animal Cytology


Differential Diagnosis Of Body Fluids In Small Animal Cytology Pdf

By Francesco Cian and Paola Monti

Differential Diagnosis of Body Fluids in Small Animal Cytology PDF provides a comprehensive review of fluid cytology, with an extensive visual atlas.

With key points describing the main clinical and cytological features of each pathologic condition, the book provides lists of causes and differential diagnoses, including handy “pearls and pitfalls” boxes. It is also enriched by chapters on microbiology testing of body fluids and other advanced diagnostic techniques, making the book a valuable resource for veterinary specialists (in particular clinical and anatomical pathologists), residents, veterinary undergraduate students, and small animal practitioners.


  • Over 180 high-quality photomicrographs
  • Ideal reference book with concise descriptions of each pathologic process
  • Organized into key bullet points to facilitate use during diagnostic work, or as a revision aid.
Table of Contents
  1. Sample collection, preparation, general assessment, and microbiology testing of fluids
  2. Respiratory tract fluids
  3. Body cavity effusions
  4. Synovial fluid
  5. Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)
  6. Aqueous and vitreous humour
  7. Bile fluid
  8. Urogenital fluids
  9. Additional techniques to refine the cytologic diagnosis in fluid samples

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