Small Animal Dentistry: A Manual of Techniques

Small Animal Dentistry: A Manual of Techniques

By Cedric Tutt

Small Animal Dentistry: A Manual of Techniques PDF provides the practical advice needed to carry out routine dentistry procedures in general practice. With over 400 colour pictures and special sections on practical tips and trouble-shooting, this practical manual is an essential easy-access reference tool.

  • Designed as a ‘how-to-do’ book to ease you through all of the dental procedures carried out in practice.
  • Colour pictures are used throughout for clarity and to aid navigation through the book.
  • The combination of step-by-step descriptions and clear illustrations enable you to perform procedures with confidence.
Table of Contents

Chapter 1.

Tooth Development (Odontogenesis).

Chapter 2.

Clinical examination.

Chapter 3.

Equipping a veterinary dental operatory.

Chapter 4.


Chapter 5.


Chapter 6.

Jaw fracture repair.

Chapter 7.

Oral Surgery.

Chapter 8.

Suture material.

Chapter 9.


Chapter 10.

Endodontic therapy.

Chapter 11.

Pain management.

Chapter 12.

Malocclusions and normal occlusion.

Chapter 13.

Cases to refer to your local veterinary dentist.


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