Skin Diseases in the Dog and Cat 2nd Edition

Skin Diseases in the Dog an Cat 2nd Edition PDF

By D. I. Grant

Skin Diseases in the Dog an Cat 2nd Edition PDF. This is a new edition of a book that has proved highly popular for its concise and practical account of dermatological problems in the dog and cat. Written in note form, the book assists veterinary students and practising veterinary surgeons in acquiring the essential information necessary to treat the majority of cases they will encounter. The text has been thoroughly revised and updated, and enhanced by the addition of 24 extra pages of colour. However the concise text will complement existing larger textbooks providing ready access to key facts, allowing easy revision for the student and updating for practitioners.

Table of Contents

List of Colour Illustrations


1 Approach to the Skin Case

2 Bacterial Skin Disease (Pyoderma)

3 Parasitic Skin Disease

4 Fungal Skin Disease

5 Viral Skin Disease

6 Endocrine Skin Disease

7. Physical and Chemical Skin Disease

8 Immunological Skin Disease

9 Nutritional Skin Disease

10 Neoplastic Skin Disease

11 Seborrhoea

12 Congenital and Hereditary Skin Disease

13 Skin Disease of Unknown or Multiple Aetiology

14 Diseases of Ears, Eyelids and Nails

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