Clinical Medicine of the Dog and Cat 4th Edition


Clinical Medicine of the Dog and Cat 4th Edition

Clinical Medicine Of The Dog And Cat 4Th Edition Pdf Download

By Michael Schaer, Frederic Gaschen and Stuart Walton

Clinical Medicine of the Dog and Cat 4th Edition PDF remains the most extensively illustrated and practical small animal veterinary textbook on the market.

It continues and expands on the revolutionary problem-based approach of the previous three editions, with more than 1,100 clinical color photographs, diagrams, and tables. The book is divided into five color-coded sections—General Approach, Diagnostic Techniques, Disease of Specific Organ Systems, Multisystemic Disorders, and Elements of Therapy. For this edition:

  • Case studies are integrated within the relevant chapters for ease of reference
  • The first section on common medical problems now includes abdominal distension, peripheral edema, proteinuria, regurgitation, and seizures
  • Chapters on thoracic and abdominal radiographs are now included in a unique new section on Diagnostic Techniques, encouraging an integrated learning approach
  • The third section contains detailed medical information covering most organ systems, with several chapters completely rewritten and others comprehensively updated to include additional text and images
  • Additional endoscopic, radiographic, CT, and MRI images are included alongside clinical photographs; very few veterinary textbooks have such a rich emphasis on photographs
  • Each section has a limited number of recommended updated references.

The practical information is presented with text, tables, and algorithms, while each chapter is arranged to provide the definition of each disorder, its clinical features, the differential diagnoses, the diagnostic methodology, and the treatment and prognosis. The formatting has been improved to make this textbook easy to read and comprehend. The busy veterinarian or student is thus provided with a readily available resource of important clinical information in a clear, brief manner.

Written by board-certified experts, the topics are carefully selected to make this a valuable resource for veterinary students as well as for general practitioners and small animal interns.

Table of Contents


  1. Client Communication and Medical History.

2. Common Clinical Problems.

2.1 Abdominal distension.

2.2 Cough

2.3 Diarrhea.

2.4 Dyspnea.

2.5 Dysuria.

2.6 Epistaxis.

2.7 Fever of Unknown Origin.

2.8 Icterus.

2.9 Pallor.

2.10 Peripheral edema.

2.11 Pigmenturia.

2.12 Polydipsia/Polyuria.

2.13 Proteinuria.

2.14 Regurgitation.

2.15 Seizures.

2.16 Syncope, Episodic Weakness, Collapse.

2.17 Vomiting.


3. Approach to Thoracic Radiographs

4. Approach to Abdominal Radiographs.


5. Diseases of the Oral Cavity and Teeth

6. Respiratory Disorders – upper and lower

7. Diseases of the Pleural Space

8. Cardiovascular Disorders

9. Digestive Diseases

10. Hepatobiliary Disease

11. Pancreatic Disorders

12. Endocrine Diseases

13. Uro-nephrology

14. Disorders of the Nervous System and Muscle

15. Musculoskeletal Disorders and Injuries

16. Hematologic Disorders

17. Disorders of Hemostasis

18. Dermatologic Disorders

19. Ocular manifestations of systemic diseases.

SECTION IV: Multisystemic Disorders

20. Clinical Toxicology

21. Infectious Diseases

21.1. Dogs

21.2 Cats

22. Immunologic Disorders

SECTION V: Elements of Therapy

23. Fluid Therapy

24. Pain Management

25. Nutrition of the Critically Ill Dog and Cat

26. Management of the Obese Dog and Cat

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